Diario del 13 LUGLIO 2018



The first counting of human skeletal remains pertaining to the multiple-phases layer of reduction US 3192 (excavated in 2012 inside area 3000) has revealed the presence of a minimum number of 9 individuals, at least 3 of whom were sub-adults, due to the presence of unfused epiphyses; moreover, at least one individual was in early adulthood, due to the observation of epiphyseal lines still clearly visible on a proximal tibia and a distal radius. 

The counting has been conducted by dividing bones per type, side and portion, and computing all the partial and entire bones present: the minumum number is constituted by the amount of the entire bones and the one of portions incompatible with a single skeletal element. 

In particular, 9 talus bones were counted, which provide the highest number of repeated elements and therefore the minimum number of individuals present inside the big reduction layer. Also the quantity of repeated elements belonging to left scapula and left humerus suggests the presence of at least 8 individuals, approaching the same result  given by the foot bones.

Sex determination has been conducted through the evaluable features of the skulls and coxal bones recovered, revealing the presence of at least 1 male and 3 females. 

In the picture, the elements of the lower limbs are divided per bone, side and skeletal portion. 

Thanks to the first session-students for this goal that have contributed to reach with their outstanding work!


dr. Chiara Tesi, Osteo Lab Supervisot

AREA 3000

We began by doing a full cleaning and hosing down of section B. A few new circular cuts were identified in the northern half. We finished excavating two holes in the north half and two holes in the south half. The eastern-most hole was temporarily stopped till next week as skeletal remains from a thorax were discovered. It is hypothesized that these are the remains from the adjoining grave which was previously thought to be empty. Skeleton 3905 was completely uncovered, photographed, measured, and removed.

AREA 6000