Diario del 18 GIUGNO 2019



La giornata di oggi ha visto lo staff impegnato su due fronti: le lezioni introduttive del dott. Francesco Coschino e del dott. Antonio Fornaciari hanno anticipato le attività di scavo, che sono consistite nella pulizia generale e nell'apertura delle aree di indagine.

AREA 6000

6000/A - Today we finished cleaning the site and spraying it with water to determine distinction between the different types of soil based on colour, texture, and presence of rocks. We determined that it was difficult to distinguish fill because it is an artificial layer from previous disturbance of the area. We then split into four pairs and identified four different areas for excavation of skeletal remains. Photos of each area were taken to establish context and we began to excavate. We initially noticed that the bones in the western side of our area were extremely fragile and fragmented easily. Our goal for those areas is to uncover the remains, photograph them, and remove them so that we can continue to excavate earlier layers. An exposed cranium in the eastern side of the area was covered at the end of the day to prevent further damage. 

6000/B - Today, from 8:30 to 11:00 and 2:00 to 5:30, we continued to clean the uncovered area and removed the top layer of new sediment. Multiple bones were found, including teeth and multiple long bones. Fragments were also found in the fill. The mandible and fragmented skull of a child was also found in the area. Glass, ceramic sherds, and bricks were found as well. We also brushed off the stones making up the wall and tombs. In one section of the area, a defined rock field indicating a potential area for further excavation was also found. We will continue to clear the top layer tomorrow.